Message from your President

Hello Everyone!

Once again I have the pleasure of serving as President of New England Regional Ski for Light and look forward to working with our Board to increase our membership, explore new venues for weekend and day events and develop a new brochure and flyer to promote awareness of NERSFL. Would you be interested in joining a committee to help with any of the above-mentioned committee activities? If so please call the NERSFL phone line or e-mail for more information!

My message would not be complete without acknowledging several individuals I would like to thank for their service to NERSFL beginning with our past President Christine Nason for not only her leadership dedication and commitment to the organization but someone who was truly wonderful to work with over the past several years. I want to recognize our outgoing Board members, and thank Joe Aibinder, Gil Busch and Esther Levegnale for their time, many contributions and hard work while serving on the Board. It was great to work with all of you!

I would like to Welcome our new Board members Nancy Brown, Polly Jacobson and Barry Wood and thank them for agreeing to serve on the NERSFL Board!

In conclusion, please stay in touch by e-mailing or calling with questions or ideas, as well as updates to your contact information and names of individuals interested in being added to our mailing list.

Most importantly, please join me in keeping with our NERSFL tradition and letís continue to have fun with all of our NERSFL friends as we enjoy snow activities together during this winter season and at future NERSFL events! I look forward to seeing you!

Marie Hennessy

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