NOTE: To register for a trip, complete two forms: the Trip Registration which indicates what trip(s) you will attend plus either the Guide Information Form or the VIP Information Form. It is necessary to complete these forms once per calendar year. In other words, one form covers all NERSFL events that occur in the same calendar year.

Once the trip registration and information forms are completed, send them along with a check for the appropriate amount, payable to: N.E. Regional Ski for Light. Send to:

New England Regional Ski for Light
P.O.Box 52120
Boston,MA 02205


If you would prefer to complete the event form electronically, you can do so by completing the MS Word version of the form and then click here to email it to us. We will print it, bring it to the event you are attending, and if desired by you, help you sign it. You must still mail your payment with the trip application for the trip ahead of time to the NERSFL address listed above and on the trip application.

The forms and trip applications are provided in Microsoft Word as well as PDF format. Note that when you click on one of the Word doc versions, a pop-up window will be displayed asking you if you want to save it on your computer or open it. If you choose to open it, the form will be displayed in a new window where you can edit it and then save the edited version to your computer. The PDF versions will be displayed automatically in a new window.