Craftsbury 2004 - Trip Review
by Joanne Jordan

When I was packing late Thursday night before going to Kraftsbury, I knew it was going to be very cold. I had to bring things in case it was too cold for us to ski. I brought my knitting, scrabble for us to play and tapes to listen to, but I really hoped that we could ski. I packed all of my warmest clothes.

At about 10AM, John Luke picked me up, along with Chris, Marie, and Ron. We headed north listening to books on tape, enjoying each other's company, and high hopes of skiing, even though there was hardly any snow down here. We knew there would be snow at Kraftsbury. We arrived at about 4:00. Sandy was already there. We were one of the first to arrive. As friends and fellow skiers arrived we gave out Ski for Light hugs and were very glad to see every one. There were almost 30 of us - mostly experienced NERSFLers who come back time after time but also 1 new guide (welcome, Donna - it was great to have you on the trip!). We all had a nice dinner and talked excitedly with one another. We did not know what to expect the next day.

Saturday came. We had breakfast it was about 20 below zero with bright sun and no wind. In the spirit of SFL, we went skiing. I along with others was a very happy skier. We all mainly stayed on trails that were near the lodge, to get our ski legs and to warm up if we needed to. We only stayed out a couple of hours before lunch. We skied again that afternoon.

That evening we all marveled at the ski trails and we all said as cold as the day was, the skiing was very enjoyable. We had another nice dinner. That night, we had a silent auction which was very different. I bid on some Vermont maple Syrup, but missed it by one dollar.

The next day was a little warmer, starting with about 4 below zero, but it was cloudy, threatening to snow. We wished for the sun. We ventured farther out. I had a nice morning ski on the lake for example. As we skied, the snow started to come down gently, like floating downy feathers. It was very enjoyable. By lunch time the snow had increased. My morning guide had to go home, but I found another guide and skied one of the same trails that I had skied on the day before. The snow had changed the conditions. The trail was very fast the day before, but now it was nice and powdery.

After dinner, we had a raffle and another nice night of enjoying each other's company.

On Monday morning after breakfast, I skied on three different trails. The sun was bright, the powder was great and the temperature was about 25 to 30. It felt like Spring to us. Monday we all felt was the best day of all. I along with others had a ball, but I was not looking forward to the good-byes that had to come at the end of another very enjoyable NERSFL weekend.

At lunch, we all said our good-byes and wished every one well and hoped we could see them on the next SFL weekend.

I thank the entire Board for their very hard work to make this weekend possible. I really appreciated it, because I am high from these weekends. That is why I volunteered to write this summary. I love New England Regional Ski for Light!

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