Cranmore Mountain Lodge Weekend

By Patricia Dunn

Esther didn’t tell me!  She never mentioned that this would be one of the most memorable weekends of my life.  It was three days of new adventures, new friendships, new skills and great camaraderie. 


With clear skies and warm sunshine on Saturday, several members decided to go hiking, while the others left for Conway Lake for a day of canoeing, swimming, picnicking and congeniality.  This novice “guide” spent most of the day just getting to know everyone and learning to paddle a canoe.


On Sunday all of us expected to awaken to the ravages of Hurricane Charlie, but the day dawned bright, clear and cool.  It was decided that we would walk the 1-¼ mile Aratheusa Falls Trail.  To me it sounded fairly easy, as I was totally unaware of what hiking really was.  I thought it was just another word for “walk.”  After much huffing, puffing and stumbling and “guiding” my more experienced, but sightless, partner into numerous ruts and boulders, I willingly surrendered my duties to a much more experienced guide.  With relief, I dropped back to the end of our procession, alongside the “sweep” whose pace was much more compatible with mine.


I am very thankful to everyone for making the weekend of August 13 – 15 one of the most enjoyable experiences ever.  I’m now eagerly anticipating the winter ski trips and am hoping to be a more helpful and useful guide by that time.

Patricia Dunn is a first time guide, who has provided this report about the Cranmore Mountain Lodge Weekend in August.  These are excerpts from her letter.

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