New Hampshire SFL ski trip: 
24-26 February 2006
Royalty Inn
by Nancy Campbell

    This trip was anticipated with a good deal of apprehension regarding the ski conditions in N.H.  Several ski centers weren't even open due to a dearth of snow.  One person even declined to bring her ski equipment in favor of hiking boots!  Big mistake.  After much calling around  by the leadership, it was discovered that Bear Notch Cross-Country Ski Center was open!  The weekend was saved!  Our lodging was again at the Royalty Inn in Gorham.   Bear Notch is a long drive from there but no one seemed to mind.  (Both Great Glen and Jackson were entirely dead for skiing!) It was well worth the drive.  The conditions were excellent; in open fields there was some driving snow and wind but idyllic in the woods and scenic along the river.  Weather mostly sunny and cold.  This area has some wonderful trails and definitely captures more snow than other places.  The weekend was a pleasure all around.  17 people attended with a few new comers.  There were 9, 8 guides, with 2 new and 2 new guides.  Some snowshoeing was done in a group.

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