Hi everyone!!

I hope everyone is enjoying Spring and is looking forward to the warmer weather. Please carefully read the enclosed insert concerning the upcoming elections to the New England Regional Ski For Light Board of Directors. It is extremely important that we obtain your attention on this matter, as this election is vital to the future success of the regional organization. Also, please note our new mailing address and phone number: New England Regional Ski For Light, P.O. Box 234, Foxboro, MA 02035-0234 and (508) 660-9270.



Sunday June 4 was perfect walking weather. Given our cool wet spring and our relatively snowless winter (remember the NERSFL ski weekend that didn’t happen?), the blue skies, warmth of the sun and the lush greenery were all the more special. Yes, 30 guides and VIP’s were all awake and enthused at 9:00 AM on a Sunday as we prepared for a 6.5 mile walk through the peaceful and verdant Georgetown Rowley State Forest. The warm greeting, hot coffee and Munchkins provided by NERSFL guide Carolee Miller certainly removed any last vestiges of sleep from our beings.

Then out the back door we went, through the barn, past Gus, the Millers’ horse, and onwards into the woods. Murmurs of ‘roots’, ‘stones’ (and ‘ugh! Mosquitoes!’) echoed up and down the trail. During our 4-plus hour jaunt, we could count the number of non-NERSFLers we encountered on the fingers of two hands with digits to spare. Never mind that a couple of them were on those nasty motor bikes. . .

Six first time guides and one first time VIP joined in the fun and the enjoyment of the outdoors. From veteran VIP participant to first time guide, everyone appreciated the spirit of participating together in such a health-promoting activity. And think! No expertise or special equipment required. All it takes is the ability to walk, a sturdy pair of shoes, and a positive attitude. And, oh yes, don’t forget that bug spray.



Mother Nature smiled upon New England Regional Ski for Light once again offering us some of the warmest driest sunniest weather we’ve seen all summer! Good thing!  Not too many favor hiking in the rain and muck.  And hike we did!  Our intended 4-mile trek on Saturday somehow metamorphosed into a 6 or 7 mile trek, giving us hardy NERSFLers an excellent opportunity to prove ourselves.  Any fatigue and stiffness was washed away in the heated outdoor pool and hot tub of the Cranmore Mountain Lodge, a lovely rambling inn set amongst lush grass and flowers in North Conway N.H.  The group shoulder massages in the hot tub furthered the relaxing end to a fatiguing day.

Sunday’s little jaunt, a 5 ½ mile round trip up to Zealand Falls AMC hut and back had something for everyone.  From steep rocky climbs to a relatively flat and uncluttered trail.  As we went along, my expert naturalist guide, Cathy, pointed out a beaver lodge, several kinds of exotic mushrooms and berries, and identified every bird who chanced to open its beak and sing.  This attention to our surroundings was like a bonus gift.  The prize at the top of the trail was a rocky ledge with the musical sound of  water falls cascading into cold clear pools in which to rest one’s feet before the descent.

Yet, even with this abundance of beauty and physical activity in the outdoors, we know that  there’s more to the essence of the NERSFL trip.  It’s the people, each and every one, who make this such a special experience, not just a weekend away.  The open friendliness, the sharing and equality, the bursts of hilarity, even the foibles and faux pas knit a group of newcomers and oldtimers into a community like none other.  That’s what keeps us coming back for more, and opening our collective arms to those potential new friends whom we simply haven’t met. . . yet.

Perhaps we’ll see YOU on the September 23 canoe trip.  Or. . .


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