Winter 2002 Events

January 4 - 7
Craftsbury Outdoor Center
Craftsbury, VT
Cost: $170
  February 10
Weston Ski Track
Weston, MA
Cost: $10
  March 1 - 3
Royalty Inn
Gorham, NH
Great Glen Trails
Cost: $115
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Winter 2002 Newsletter


Hello Everyone! The Board of Directors of New England Regional Ski for Light has been hard at work making arrangements for the 2002 Winter events, as well as managing other aspects of our organization.


In the Spring newsletter we sent out a survey put together by Cindy Wentz and we asked for your input. We want to express our thanks to everyone who took the time to complete the survey and provide us with valuable feedback. If you didn't fill out a survey and still wish to do so, you can find it on our website or can contact us by phone at 508-660-9270.

Web Site...

We also wish to acknowledge the members of the Web Site committee for their continued efforts and attention to keeping our web site up-to-date. Thanks go out to Arthur Commegno, Duane Farrar, Cindy Wentz, Sue Crowley and David Fisichella. Speaking of David, please know that he was instrumental in soliciting the services of Communicom, an Internet Service Provider. Comunicom has agreed to sponsor and host us on the World Wide Web. A huge thanks to the folks at Comunicom as more and more we hear of folks checking us out on the Web. If you have specific ideas for the web site or if you have submissions, please feel free to submit them by regular mail or e-mail.

The Store...

We still have items in the store including hats, sweatshirts, and "hookers" for holding those skis together. Leave a message on our phone line at 508-660-9270 if you wish further information.


Earlier this summer, Evan Lenson, a longtime friend and guide for NERSFL, raised several hundred dollars when he completed a 20-mile trek in the White Mountains. "Way to go!" and thanks to all your friends and co-workers who generously sponsored your hike on our behalf.

Also in April of this year, NERSFL received a generous donation of $250 from the Norumbega Lodge #506, Sons of Norway, Sudbury, MA. Thanks to Earle Prentiss for advocating for us and to all the generous members of the lodge for their continued support.

SFL international Representative...

Cindy Wentz has been selected to represent NERSFL at the 27th Ski for Light International event to be held in Granby, Colorado in late January 2002. In addition to Cindy's longtime participation in our activities, Cindy has been a member of the Web Site committee, travel coordinator, board member, web site trip reviewer and has authored and summarized the results of the survey. She will be an energetic and enthusiastic ambassador from our regional.

Coming Attractions...

Plans for next summer include the possibility of two hiking and canoeing weekend trips; one to AMC's Cardigan Lodge and another trip in the southern New Hampshire area.


Partial scholarships are available to guides as well as participants. Please submit a written request to our mailing address. Equipment rental is free to first-time attendees.


The weekend of January 4 - 7, we will stay at Craftsbury Outdoor Center (, Craftsbury, VT for skiing and snowshoeing. All meals from Friday night through Monday lunch are included. Price also includes trail passes. This is a three-night event. Price is $170.

On February 10th there will be a one-day event of cross-country skiing at the Weston Ski Track in Weston, MA. Rentals are available. Cost to participants is $10.

The weekend of March 1 - 3 we will stay at the Royalty Inn in Gorham, NH ( Skiing and snowshoeing and just maybe some tube-ing will be available at Great Glen Trails ( Price includes two nights lodging, two breakfasts and one dinner. Trail passes are also included in the price of $115.

Payments and Refund Policy...

Please make payments by check made out to N.E. Regional Ski for Light and mail to NERSFL, P.O.Box 234, Foxboro, MA 02035-0234. You are required to submit total payment for the three-day trip as well as the one-day trip. You must submit a deposit of $25 for the weekend trip in March. All deposits must be received by December 15th. The balance due for the March trip must be received by January 15th. All deposits are nonrefundable. The balance paid for any trip is also nonrefundable unless your space can be filled. We will do our best to assist you to find a substitute, but it is ultimately your responsibility to find a suitable replacement. -- NERSFL.

Registration Form

Please be sure to fill out and submit the trip Registration Form.

Physical Condition...

Anyone in average physical condition can expect to complete these events. If we have any questions about your ability to participate we will call and discuss the matter with you. In questionable cases the decision to participate will be that of the participant and his or her physician. Participants must take responsibility for control of any health problems at these events, not only for your own safety, but also for that of others. Your enjoyment will also be enhanced by any measures you take to improve your physical fitness and stamina before the event.


Transportation will be available by car-pooling. You will be contacted about a week before an event to make travel arrangements. Guides are encouraged to let us know if they are willing to drive and how many passengers they will be able to take. All passengers are expected to contribute generously towards the cost of gasoline and upkeep. Please note that if you are coming to an event from out of town, do not make travel plans (flights, trains, bus, etc.) prior to 7:00 PM on the final day of the event. It is very difficult to guarantee a return to transportation centers prior to this time without disrupting other participants.

Raffle Items Needed...

When attending a weekend activity, please remember to bring any new items that you wish to donate to our usual weekend fun and raffle. Funds raised help to defray the costs of putting on an event.


Thanks from all of us at New England Regional Ski for Light for your attention to these details. Our next board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 20th. If you have any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions, please let us know.

Christine Nason, President
Mark Remaly, Vice President
Claire Morrissette, Secretary
Earle Prentiss, Treasurer
Cindy Wentz, Travel Coordinator and Web Site Committee
Marie Hennessy, Public Relations
Gil Busch, By-Laws
Janice Bianculli, Fundraising

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