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A letter written by Board member Nancy Campbell was published in the December 2008 amc outdoors publication. For those of you who receive this publication, look on pg. 10 in the "members write" section, under the title Accessible Outdoors. Her letter is reproduced here as well:

"As winter gets underway, I am anxious to join my favorite ski group, Ski for Light, for another great season.

Through the New England Regional Ski for Light Organization, visually impaired adults are teamed with sighted guides so that they may enjoy the pleasure of cross-country skiing and snowshoeing as well as canoeing, hiking, swimming, and tandem cycling. As one of the sighted guides, I have found AMC to be very hospitable to the group. I remember one really jolly expedition where AMC supplied canoes, life jackets (as well as rain gear) for a challenging trip on the Androscoggin River. We stayed at the Joe Dodge Lodge in Pinkham Notch. The next day we enjoyed a great nature walk and tactile exposure to mountain wildlife by means of animal pelts and flora.

Joe Dodge Lodge has provided memorable hospitality for a couple of our trips. One year-scheduled to ski Great Glen-there was no snow! No, we didn't ski on grass. We phoned around and found that Crawford Notch had snow. The trails there were great.

AMC's Highland Center is hosting our group in March for a three-day skip trip, and I am looking forward to it. No matter what happens to challenge us, we always have fun and make enduring friends. As we reflect on our many expeditions, we laugh and marvel at our resilience and flexibility to "roll with the punches" and have a good time."

Nancy Campbell

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