January 4-7,  2008

    Among more serious consequences, global warming has made it harder for us to predict good skiing weather.  Nevertheless New England Regional Ski for Light managed to time this trip between a freeze and a thaw, making the weather ideal for skiing and snowshoeing.  Twenty-six participants, including two new skiers and one new guide, enjoyed lots of snow and temperatures in the mid to upper 30s most of the time.  Movement between skiing and snowshoeing was flexible for those who wished to partake in both activities, and there was a lot of terrain which we could cover with both methods.  As a person who had never felt a ski, much less moved on them, I was initially apprehensive about being surrounded by veterans, but the group promoted cooperation over competition and had a very welcoming attitude to anyone who was willing to try.

     As in previous years, the kitchen staff at Craftsbury were helpful and courteous, and by the second evening there, some of us had a connection to chocolate chip cookies which were not part of the regular menu.

     On Saturday evening, NERSFL had a very successful silent auction and raffle.  Steve, the new guide, showed his flare for description as he advertised the items which people had donated, showing his promise as a radio show host or a narrator for descriptive videos.  On Sunday evening, Beezy Bentzen talked about her work with an orphanage in the Tibetan part of India.  Then some of the participants conducted an informal book talk.

     The group will return to Craftsbury next year on January 9-12, 2009.

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