January 9-12,  2009

I could write about how 28 people were in attendance at the winter 2009 New England Regional 3-day event at the Craftsbury Outdoor Center. I could wax poetic about the picture-postcard scenery of snow laden trees, fresh snow on the ground against a backdrop of a blue sky and ample sunshine. The abundant and delicious food, the casual homey ambience, the many moments of laughter and sharing these too are all topics worthy of many paragraphs. Anecdotes could be told of old friends and new as 3 new guides and 2 new blind skiers were in attendance.

Then again. . . I could let some of those who were part of the amazing group speak for themselves. Truly, these excerpted quotes are more eloquent than any narration that a single reporter could provide.

For example ...
There will be a Craftsbury 2010: it will be held on January 8-11, 2010. I hope to see you there!
Written by Cindy Wentz

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