January 8-11,  2010

Skiing in New England
January 8-11, 2010

A total of twenty-seven skiers and guides experienced enjoyable skiing at Craftsbury, Vermont. Some also enjoyed snow shoeing. There was plenty of snow and the tracks were well-set.. A variety of trails ranged from relaxing to challenging. I had three different guides, one for each day. All of my guides were fine people and remarkably skilled at guiding me. The weather was excellent even though the temperature was below 10 degrees F most of the time. There was little or no wind and I was comfortable all of the time. Special blue wax through blue kick-wax worked well for me.

The food was excellent.

There were some blisters and minor injuries but the attitude of the skiers and guides was positive and I never heard a discouraging word during the entire event.

After-ski activities were enjoyable including board games, an auction, and talks provided by some of the guides and participants ranging from descriptions of trips to Antartica, eastern-Europe, and information about an approach to orientation and mobility.

For me, this New England ski event was an exceedingly pleasant way to enjoy life and effective in enhancing my health.

I realize this article sounds Pollyannish but I am certain that I don't have a reputation for sacrificing truthfulness for tactfulness. Therefore, I better attempt to counteract some of the sweetness.

The only negative element I experienced was my journey to the event. First, it was difficult for me to figure out how to get to Craftsbury, Vermont. Finally I arranged a flight from Columbus, Ohio to Chicago and then another flight to Burlington. I don't like to travel in the opposite direction from my chosen destination. Secondly, my flights were delayed for various reasons which I didn't understand, and I landed in Burlington close to three hours late. I was to land in Burlington no later than noon in order to make my connection for a ride up to Craftsbury. My ride waited for me.

There, I now hope and believe that this is a balanced description of the New England Ski for Light 2010 at Craftsbury, Vermont.

Oh yes, thanks to all of those people who worked hard to organize this event including Marie Hennessy, the President.

by Phil White

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