Minuteman Bike Trail Hike
October 3,  2009

The day before the hike, Marie called me to tell me the plans for the hike. The weather report was for rain, but me along with a small but mighty core of NERSFL hikers were going to hike despite the rain.

I woke up Saturday morning and heard it raining. I stayed in bed until the last minute trying to psyche myself up for the hike.

First Carrie came, and then Nancy Brown, along with Marie, Carolee, and Joe with his guide dog. Then Esther and Nancy Campbell came. We had more hikers than we thought, about ten in all.

We set out on the bike trail going toward Lexington. We were going to have lunch at Panerra Bread in Arlington Heights. The rain had let up a little, but it was plenty wet. We talked, walked, and had a great time. We could feel the NERSFL can-do spirit. When we reached Panerra Bread, we decided to go a little farther. We walked in to East Lexington and then at about 12:30 turned back. No sooner than we turned back, the rain began to pick up. By the time we reached Panerra Bread, we all were soaked, but very happy and energized.

We sat down and ate our lunches talking happily as we ate. We went back on the bike trail. By now it was really raining, but we walked energized anyway and before long were back to our starting point. We hated to say our good-byes but knew that our friendship and energy would continue on our next trip. We walked about six miles.

Written by Joanne Jordan

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