Middlesex Fells Hike
October 3,  2010

On October 2, 2010, a small but energetic and enthusiastic group of NERSFL hikers hiked the Reservoir Trail, located in the western section of the Middlesex Fells. The trail is 5.2 miles long and encircles the north, middle, and south reservoirs. The water is often visible from the trail, which at times co-exists with the Skyline Trail and crosses various bike paths numerous times.

The group began the hike at the Sheepfold parking lot, located just off of Rte 28, also known as the Fells Parkway. The weather couldn't have been more perfect - clear blue skies, no wind, and temperatures in the low to mid 60's - especially appreciated after the muggy, warm, tropical-like weather of the preceding 3 days. The group began the hike just before 10:30 AM and finished just before 3:30 PM - a very respectable pace! The terrain was challenging enough in terms of rocks, tree roots and hills without being too difficult.

The Reservoir trail seems to be a favorite of people walking dogs and mountain bikers. (No collisions along the way, as everyone shared the trail in a respectable manner.)

The Middlesex Fells is indeed a real gem - and conveniently located close to Boston! It is not surprising that NERSFL groups have hiked there before, and it is certainly going to continue to be a favorite destination.

Trivia facts about the Fells, culled from the Middlesex Fells Reservation Trail Map: "Fells" is an English word for rocky, windblown hills. Two major types of rocks can be found in the Middlesex Fells: sedimentary rock: From the Latin word sedimentum, or the act of settling. The rocks are the result of sediment building up and, just by its own weight, compressing into rock.

Several times during the formation of these rocks, molten rock intruded and flowed over portions of them, creating the other major group of rocks in the Fells: igneous rocks. The name stems from the Latin word ibnis, or fire. Magnum, or molten rock, hardens into igneous rock when it cools.


Written by Nancy Brown

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