Wayside Inn - Hiking and Kayaking
August 7-9,  2009

It was a sunny and warm August Friday afternoon that found me en-route to the Riverside MBTA station to meet up with my carpool to Bethlehem NH for a NERSFL weekend of hiking, kayaking and general fun. With a forecast more or less devoid of rain and a large group of fellow outdoor enthusiasts (close to 20 NERSFL members and almost that many Adaptive Sports Partners friends) to join me, I had high expectations for the trip. . . and I was definitely not disappointed.

Kathy and Victor, our hosts at the Wayside Inn in Bethlehem New Hampshire provided clean spacious rooms with decks overlooking a babbling brook, delicious breakfasts and a homey living room in which we could relax during the evening. These accommodations were a real ‘find’ and NERSFL will certainly stay at the Wayside again.

In coordination with our friends from Adaptive Sports Partners, we divided into 2 groups on Saturday for an ‘easy’ hike and a more challenging hike. Both options provided ample scenery and diversity of terrain to please us all. Sunday found us again divided into 2 groups for kayaking: one group paddled on Moore Reservoir at Perkins Landing while the other made what sometimes felt like a mad dash down a 7-mile stretch of the Pemigewassett River (Thornton to West Campton). One thing we all did together was eat! Our Adaptive Sports Partners friends hosted a wonderful barbecue on Saturday night. It was great fun to eat (and drink!) outdoors. What could be better than delicious food eaten al fresco?

It would be hard to think of anything that could improve on this weekend and I look forward to having another great summer NERSFL weekend trip in 2010.

by Cindy Wentz

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