Craftsbury Skiing and Snowshoeing Trip
January 5-8, 2018 

Trip Report
By Jessie and Joseph Mabry

After reading so many enthusiastic reports about past Craftsbury trips, we were excited to attend our first trip there with NERSFL. Jessie only had experience with alpine skiing half her lifetime ago, and Joseph hadn't even touched any kind of ski in his life, but we both had high hopes as we boarded a bus to meet our carpool to Craftsbury. We were certainly not disappointed.

We thoroughly enjoyed the center itself. The dorm-style setup wasn't optimal for couples, with mostly twin beds in the rooms, but we managed. The food lived up to the hype it got before we arrived. We made a point to try things that were new to us and soon grew accustomed to having beets pop up in unexpectedly tasty concoctions—e.g., burgers and sausage. No matter what was served, the food always managed to be both hip and hearty.

One thing we will doubtless always remember about this weekend was the extreme bitter cold, averaging around -10 both Saturday and Sunday. It didn't deter most of us, but it shortened our time on the trails somewhat. We discussed safety measures thoroughly every morning before we headed outside.

We were both very impressed with our introduction to Nordic skiing. Our guides first showed us the basics inside and then brought us out on the trails once we got the hang of it. It was fun gelling as a team, adapting to different guiding styles, and taking in the peaceful surroundings.

The guides were very helpful and respectful, both on and off the snow. Everyone seemed very capable and eager to work with whatever level of experience you brought to the table. As we became more comfortable on our skis, we enjoyed chitchatting with our guides and getting to know them. We became fast friends with many guides and blind skiers alike.

When we weren't skiing and eating too much superb food, we found plenty to keep us busy: We had a great time hanging out wit our fellow attendees, participating in the annual NERSFL auction, and, (Joseph's favorite part of the trip), and playing an epic game of hearts into the wee hours of Monday morning.

Considering that we are on our way to New Hampshire for the March NERSFL trip as we write, we obviously recommend these events highly and are very glad we went to Craftsbury.

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