Wachusett Hike

We had perfect weather for our October 4, 2008 hike at the Wachusett Mountain State Reservation in central Massachusetts. The 1-mile climb, featuring our famous New England rocks and roots, was exhilarating without being exhausting. We were rewarded by a pleasant meadow with picnic tables for our lunch at the summit. For variety, we chose to descend via the paved road rather than revisit all those rocks. We look forward to more day hikes in the spring and/or fall and encourage all of you to join us and share the fun.

Submitted by Cindy Wentz

On Saturday, October 4th, five of us from the New England Regional Ski for Light hiked Wachusett Mountain in Wachusett Mass which is in the central part of the state.

I got up early and put on my hiking boots, took water and a lunch and was picked up by another guide and another participant. We drove to the guide’s house where we met with another participant and the guide’s husband. We set off for the hour long drive to Mount Wachusett. Mount Wachusett is a down hill ski area in the winter.

It was a beautiful day. You could feel the sun and the cool air of autumn. We arrived at the mountain and met two more guides who drove together. Two guides and two participants began hiking up the trail while another guide and participant turned back early on the hiking trail and chose to walk up the road. We had a challenging time hiking over roots and rocks, but had a wonderful time stopping for a water break and talking to other hikers going up and down the trail. The higher we got, the windier it got. The views were more spectacular. The colors were just beginning. When we neared the top, you could see all over. It took us around an hour and a half of taking our time. The exercise and camaraderie was wonderful. We talked about memories of past trips as we hiked.

We all met and had a picnic lunch at picnic tables at the top of the mountain. After lunch, we walked around and looked at all the views. Some of the guides and participants had to get home at a certain time, so it was decided that we all would walk down the road. We were down in about an hour. Pictures were taken and we said our good-byes and all of us are looking forward to cross-country skiing in January and March.


Submitted by Joanne Jordan

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